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Are online casinos more welcoming than their phsyical counterparts?

We’ve discussed the practical advantages of choosing an online casino over a physical one in previous blog entries. But are online casinos also more welcoming than their real-world counterparts?

There’s no denying that real-world casinos have a very distinctive look and atmosphere; they are often designed to look highly sophisticated and opulent and project an air of classiness. They also tend to be built on a fairly large scale. Understandably, many people value the sense of refinement and scope offered by physical casinos. However, others find the size and style of casinos rather cold and uninviting. They don’t offer an intimate or friendly environment in which to gamble. In comparison, online casinos often use straight-forward interfaces, humorous animations and bright, inviting visual designs to create a friendly online environment. Gambling online can sometimes be more fun than gambling in a physical casino simply because online gambling sites tend to be friendlier, less grandiose and more accepting of ordinary players.

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The size of some physical casinos (along with their often-crowded layout) can sometimes also make it difficult to find the exact game you want. While this isn’t exactly ‘uninviting’, it can deter shyer players who don’t want to spend long periods of time walking around a casino trying to find a particular game. Online casinos allow players to find games through simple category pages, thereby making their entire catalogue of games instantly accessible.

Finally, online casinos often allow you to wager smaller amounts than their real-world equivalents. Of course, this is partly because physical casinos have more significant overhead costs than online casinos. Nonetheless, the high cost of gambling in a physical casino prevents players with lower budgets from using them. Their prices simply make them unwelcoming to less well-off gamblers. However, online casinos’ lower wager requirements allow ordinary people with small budgets to enjoy the thrill of gambling. Whether you prefer dice games, roulette, slots or card games such as baccarat, you’ll find that you can enjoy them online for a far lower price than you could in a physical casino!

There are many practical benefits to gambling online instead of in real-world casinos. But it also seems that online casinos are more welcoming and inviting than physical gambling emporiums. It truly is Playtech, NetEnt and Microgaming casinos that accept us players! You can read more info on


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